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About Our Products
PHYTO DE LUXE – The Golden Point of Beauty

For the first time in the history of cosmetic manufacture, plant cell culture has been successfully produced by an appropriate Biotechnolog.: Plant as well as skin cells, posses so-called epigenetic factors that regulate the Gen-activity and the function of the cells. Therefore, plant stem cells improve the vitality of the skin stem cells. Protect against environmental influences.

SKIN VITAL – Swiss Vitamin Care

All products of the SKIN VITAL line are based on a combination of the vital Vitamins A, C & E. Through the special encapsulation of Vitamins, SKIN VITAL supports the micro circulation of your skin and results in a fresher and glowing complexion.

CLASSIC Line – Damals wie heute perfekt

You are an individualist and are not satisfied with simple advertising statements. You want to judge and choose yourself. All active ingredients in the CLASSIC line are of the highest standard, are allergen proofed, have to undergo the most critical tests and are have been tested with human volunteers for many months.