Vivyian Aida Skin Care

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About Us

Aida Baghdanian is an internationally trained Esthetician with more than 30 years experience in skincare and beauty. She has a Diploma in Apprative Cosmetics from the renowned Christine Shaw School of Beauty in London, England. She has also a Professional Diploma from Mila d'Opiz Swiss Art of Beauty Clinic, Switzerland. Aida also holds Esthetician licenses in state of CA and WA.

Over the last 30 years, Aida has committed herself to developing treatments using truly natural and safe skin care products to provide the best in skincare to her clients worldwide. Using the latest skin care equipment, Aida has achieved exceptional results in treating Acne, Rosacea, and pigmentation problem.

Aida is the owner and founder of Viviyan Cosmetics Skincare products which is an exclusive skincare line developed in London, England. Through continuous research and product evaluation, Aida selects the best skincare product lines for her clients. She currently is the sole distributor of Mila d’Opiz Skincare Line from Switzerland which has been in the market worldwide, for over 60 years. She also uses Dr. Laura Ann professional skincare and Beauty product line from Italy in her treatments. Her product lines includes a variety of facial creams, masks, peels, and serums.

Aida has built her professional reputation based on her passion and commitment in providing the ultimate in skincare and beauty for her clients.