Vivyian Aida Skin Care

750 North Glendale Ave Glendale, CA 91206

Aida’s Signature Facial Treatment

Viviyan Aida's Signature Facial consists of unique methods in cleaning different skin types.  The following are different types of skin care treatments (oily, dry, sensitive skin ) that treat black heads, white heads, acne, and pimples:

Classic European Facial:

This Classic European Facial is customized using a specially formulated products and scientifically developed treatments to repair and restore your skin metabolic activity. Each treatment includes cleansing, gentle buffing, steaming, extracting, toning, facial mask, and moisturizing.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial:

This unique 5 step purifying process allows the skin to benefit from a through cleansing and pore extraction. The relaxing massage techniques applied to the face, and décolleté relax the mind and cleanse the facial pores.

Enzyme Treatment Facial with Vitamin C:

This enzyme treatment is designed to promote total skin health while improving the appearance and or dehydrated skin. It begins with an enzyme Vitamin C peel under a warm herbal flow of steam. Followed by an exfoliation and relaxation massage and the application of a soothing mask. The skin is strengthened and more radiant after only one treatment.