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Skin Care Products By Skin Type

Normal Skin Care Products

Mila D'Opiz Natural Line

For Normal Skin one should always use water-soluble cleanser, a toner loaded with antioxidants and a daytime moisturizer. Along, with sun protection products, anti-aging serum, and very mild cleanser to exfoliate the skin along with a mask, night cream, and mild eye cream.

Oily Skin Care Products:

Mila D’Opiz Skin Clear Purifying Line

Mila D'Opiz Skin Clear Purifying Line offers you a range of skin care products that has been especially developed for impure or large pore skin with a tendency towards spots. Deep cleansing the skin, removing impurities and dead skin cells, visibly enhancing and permanently improving the skin condition. Giving a clearer and fresher complexion.

Dry Skin Care Products:

Mila D’Opiz Hydro Boost Line

The Mila D'Opiz HYDRO BOOST skin care series was specially developed for dehydrated skin. HYDRO BOOST is an innovative new skincare series that provides the skin with active moisture reserves and supports the barrier layer during regeneration. Special moisturizing substances penetrate the skin and are stored there for many hours. The complexion looks visibly fresher and velvety-soft. The skin feels smooth and more elastic.