Vivyian Aida Skin Care

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Michelle McClellan

I was once in the entertainment business. I was a young model and actress that had a skin problem due to wearing continuous make up under hot lights and having my make up applied by several make up artists that sometimes did not have sterile brushes and applicators. My skin condition was terrible. I had oil bumps and my skin was dehydrated from lack of correct skin care. My complexion was uneven with white patchy spots. I thought I was doing a good job but my skin was the ultimate sign that I was not. I did my best with over the counter products and had bad results. I tried seeing estheticians but they would "Pick" my face with their fingers and nails which left some scarring.

I met Aida Baghdanian through my husband who was doing construction at her Salon in Woodland Hills California. It was the best day of my life and my career.She had a European style of cleansing and cleaning that was something I had never seen before. She told me that it would take some time and that she could improve my skin with proper products and she would teach me how to maintain my skin correctly. With each visit I saw incredible results. Her technique was gentle and soothing. Her products are excellent and exclusive.

Our relationship has spanned over 30 years. She is a woman of caring and concern for every client. She is very personal with each case that comes her way. She is not only a esthetician but a caring friend. I have sent many people her way that have thanked me time and time again.

Lala Khanian

I just want to thank Aida for all the love and care that she has been putting on my skin. When I first started with Viviyan Aid Skin Care, my skin was thinned because of other beauticians bad advice and work. Aida worked on my skin and turned my skin into a glowing and beautiful skin. 
Aida loves her job. She loves skin and loves to make people beautiful. All her products are amazing as well. 
Thank you for making my skin glow beautifully.


Dear Aida:
Thank you so much for all your hard work. Greatly appreciated!!! Ever since October of 2009, I have been seeing you and I say that every day I feel a difference. Now, let me say its not an over-night magic potion. It has been a commitment both of us have made for the past 9 months!!! Just in time for my Wedding. I want to thank you again for all you have done for me. You brought my confidence back to me!!!


Dear Aida:
In search of the best skin cares specialist and best facial treatment, I have been to many skincare establishments. None of them have given me the satisfaction that I received after my first visit. Your knowledge of skincare and skincare products is out of this world. You have made me younger.

Stella Anderson

Dear Aida:
After my first visit to your skin care clinic, I have become a regular client as you taught me the most important steps in skincare and beauty. That proper care of my skin is not a luxury, it is a must for every woman as she ages. Your quality skin care products that you recommended have made my skin vibrant and healthy. I will highly recommend you to all my friends .

Love you

Love Hilda

Dear Aida:
Thank you for the great European facial. Now I know what facials are about. I can’t wait for my next visit. The moisturizing cream and the mask that I bought have made a huge difference to my dry skin.


After many visits to the Dermatologist, I had given up to treat my daughter’s Acne until my friend Melina recommended you. You have worked a miracle with different treatments and the product line that you recommended her to use. Now my teenage daughter feels good and does not have to use a lot of make up. Thanks a million you are wonderful.


Dear Aida:
You are the only Esthetician that my son is willing to see after his first Acne treatment. You know boys don’t like to take care of their skin and let use products to treat their Acne. I don’t know how you treated him that he is willing to come back to see you. His skin looks great and he uses your acne products.

Thanks for the great service.


Dear Aida:
Thank you so much for your prompt response to my mail order request. My mother and I can’t live without your skincare products. We love the Viviyan Moisturizing cream.


Washington. D.C.


Dear Aida:
I love your Viviyan Moisturizing cream as it has made wonders for my dry skin and dehydrated skin. After using the first jar I am hooked to your Viviyan product line. I threw away all my old creams.

Marina, CA