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Acne Treatments

We have Acne Treatments depending on what kind of acne one has whether it is mild, moderate, or very aggressively inflamed. It could also be cyclic acne, which simply consists of clogged pores with millions of white and black heads.

Acne Vulgaris is the medical name for any kind of break out it could be pimples, black heads, and white heads.

Comedones or black heads is a hair follicle or skin oil, which becomes clogged with excessive oil or dead layers of skin cells and develops black heads or comedones.

Couple of recommendations for people that suffer from acne are the following.

--Do not try too many products and give at least one month to see if your products are working for your skin.
--Do not scrub over washing the skin, which could cause more redness, irritation, and inflammation.
--Be patient with your treatment and give at least 6-8 weeks to your esthetician to work on your skin.

Adult Acne:

Adult Acne is caused by the excess skin oil and bacteria and hormonal changes that triggers the oil glands and cause adult acne.
Deep Cyst Acne: Could be very painful when follicles are clogged deep beneath the skin surface.

They are generally two kinds of acne:


Best way to help you Acne.

--See a professional esthetician, which they specialize in Acne. --Stop touching your face! Hygiene is very important. Keep your hair away from your face.
--Be very gentle with you skin do not use heavy and harsh products.